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EIM write speed

Question asked by hyunho Shin on Feb 26, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 22, 2013 by kart jon

I'm using EIM to connect with ADV212(HW jpeg 2000 encoder)


but, EIM write speed is too slow..



below attach file("EIM_WRITE_CS_WAVEFORM.png") is EIM's chip select waveform



I think first CS enable to second CS enable period is too large(long time)


I don't know why?


Anyone know this situation?


*Test code(infinite write loop)


#define PIXEL              0x0

adv_reg = ioremap(0x8000000,(0x8000000-4));// 128MB area

pixel_addr = adv_reg+(PIXEL*0x00400000/2);



     *pixel_addr = 0xAA;



*EIM setting values


static void setup_weimcs(void)


     unsigned int reg;

     void __iomem *nor_reg = MX6_IO_ADDRESS(WEIM_BASE_ADDR);      //0x021B_8000

     void __iomem *ccm_reg = MX6_IO_ADDRESS(CCM_BASE_ADDR);



     reg = readl(ccm_reg + 0x80);

     reg |= 0x00000C00;

     writel(reg, ccm_reg + 0x80);

     __raw_writel(0x00000020, nor_reg + 0x090);

     __raw_writel(0x000109B9, nor_reg + 0x000);

     __raw_writel(0x00001000, nor_reg + 0x004);

     __raw_writel(0x08001100, nor_reg + 0x008);//read timing

     __raw_writel(0x00000000, nor_reg + 0x00C);

     __raw_writel(0x02000240, nor_reg + 0x010);//write timing