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Illegal Instruction in MCF5213

Question asked by Bhavya C on Feb 26, 2013
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I am using the Coldfire processor MCF5213 for a project and have been stuck with the Illegal Instruction exception for quite some time now.

On checking the stack frame I see that the address from wherein the exception occurs sometimes points to a FLASH address and sometimes to a RAM address (very inconsistent). The fault bits of the stack frame don't help either. (The value of the fault bits is 0b0000 and the reference manual of the device marks this as 'Reserved'.)


I went through the device errata for the processor and the description under "Internal Flash Speculation Address Qualification Incomplete" seems a likely cause to what I am looking at.


In the first page of the document there is a statement saying " All current MCF5211/12/13 devices are marked as M30B mask set." Does this mean that all the devices with the said mask set have the errata mentioned in the document corrected OR does the all the errata mentioned apply to the the particular mask set? I currently have the device with the M30B mask set.

I want to confirm this before I try implementing one of the workarounds given in the document.


Link to the Errata for reference :