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HAB Authentication of boot image in Open Configuration

Question asked by Deepu James on Feb 25, 2013
Latest reply on May 9, 2013 by cw


in the Freescale document "Secure Boot on i.MX50, i.MX53, and i.MX 6 Series using HABv4" it is mentioned that "for i.MX 6 Series in Open configuration, the HAB always skips the verification of the SRK table, regardless of whether the SRK fuse field has been provisioned or not."

I assume the authentication will be successful only when HAB first verifies the SRK table.

If we use the sample code given in the same document using hab_rvt_report_event to print HAB events, it will print the HAB events only when the authentication is unsuccessfull or uncompleted. It will print "No HAB Events Found" if the authentication is successful.So my question is ,in open configuration since the HAB skips verification of SRK table ,how can we make the authentication successful showing "No HAB Events Found" in console.?