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CLKO2 output problem

Question asked by avex wu on Feb 25, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2014 by Rohan Bhargava

Hi there,


I am using i.MX6Q. I want to use CLKO2 as the MCLK source of my camera. The steps I did are as followed.


1.    Setup Pad , set gpio3 as clko2 output pin

MX6Q_PAD_GPIO_3__CCM_CLKO2,              // setup gpio3 as output pin of clko2



2.    get/set osc_clk as parent clock of clko2, set rate, and enable clko2


        clko2 = clk_get(NULL, "clko2_clk");

        if (IS_ERR(clko2))

                printk("can't get CLKO2 clock.\n");


        new_parent = clk_get(NULL, "osc"); // in sabresd bsp source code, "osc_clk" is a wrong name, tested already

        if (!IS_ERR(new_parent)) {

                clk_set_parent(clko2, new_parent);




        rate = clk_round_rate(clko2, 24000000);

        clk_set_rate(clko2, rate);


However, there is nothing on gpio_3 pin, no clock on CLKO2 output pin. It seems the I miss some steps.

I print out the register CCOSR,  MXC_CCM_CCOSR=0x010E000F (1 00001110 00000000 00001111)

It seems the value is correctly be set, but it did not function as it should be.


The same way I used is okay to enable/disable CLKO, any idea? I use SABRESD android bsp as my source code base.

thanks anyway