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i.MX6 Platform SDK w/ SABRE Lite

Question asked by bkowal on Feb 25, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 28, 2014 by Eneko Fernandez

Has anyone had success utilizing application examples provided in the iMX6 Platform SDK on the Boundary Devices iMX6 SABRE Lite Hardware from an SD card?


I was successfully able to install and configure the arm-none-eabi GNU toolchain and build the complete SDK.  Given that the SABRE Lite is not one of the specific boards supported in the SDK, I tried running a few of the sample applications (Ping, Power Modes Test) for different boards with no luck.  No output on the console and no network traffic being sent.  I tried using both the Linux dd example and the cfimager for programming the SD card.


I can confirm the device is booting successfully off the full size SD slot (using instructions provided here Boards/MX6QSabreLite - Linaro Wiki), as I was capable of running a Linaro Ubuntu Desktop image.


Thank you