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USB Boot with HAB on iMX25

Question asked by Bruno Castelucci Employee on Feb 25, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2013 by Yuri Muhin

  A customer is facing an issue when booting with HAB from USB with primary SD card boot but with SD card removed, when the SD is not present and boot fails, the USB boot does not work, see test details below. Do you have an idea on what may be happening?
  At this test, we are not using shadow registers, but are already burning the eFuses.
  The system boots from SD interface primarily, but if that fails, we need it to boot automatically from USB. We are using HAB with a signed image on both boot options, see the tests/results below:
  1) Test1: regular HAB boot from SD - SD has a valid image - works perfectly fine. Success.
  2) Test2: HAB boot from SD, SD is present but does not have a valid image (invalid HAB customer code), boot fails (that's ok and expected), the system tries the USB and if we load a valid HAB image, the boot works fine. Success.
  3) Test3: If we remove the SD card, as this is the primary source, the system should try the USB, but even with the same valid image being loaded, the system fails to boot, the error happens on the ¨jump to kernel¨ step.
  Debugging the error happens when the USB command sent is 0x05 0x05, the system answers 0x47 and then resets.
  So the question is, when the SD card is not present and the HAB boot fails, why does the USB boot not work?