Curtis Wald

i.MX6 ltib : bash - change horizontal scrolling to new line

Discussion created by Curtis Wald Employee on Feb 22, 2013

When typing long commands that extend past the window shell geometry the default action in a minimum root file system is to horizontal scroll due to missing packages. This can be changed to instead add a new line for long command line user input. The packages readline and termcap should be enabled in the package selection of the root file system. The environment variable TERM in a Bash shell leverages readline and termcap for shell cursor control, which if are missing performs a default action of horizontal scrolling when long lines are entered.


See /etc/termcap for terminal definitions.


export TERM=wyse60

The wyse60 terminal has an UP definition, thus when typing a long line when at the end of line, the cursor control will return and linefeed.


export TERM=ansi

The ansi terminal will scroll left as the single long line is entered.



For further information refer to the manual pages:

  • readline and the variable horizontal-scroll-mode, also /etc/inputrc for defining.
  • termcap