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P4080DS kernel debugging with hypervisor

Question asked by avasu on Feb 20, 2013
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I would like to debug the kernel in the presence of Topaz hypervisor.


I enabled kernel debugging and I compiled the images. I followed "QorIQ debbuging user's guide" and exactly performed the steps for QorIQ debugging, in the presence of hypervisor. The QorIQ debug module does not get loaded. Does hypervisor intervene when I try to "modprobe qoriq-dbg" in the kernel?

Should I change hypervisor configuration and rebuild embedded-hv so that the hypervisor lets the kernel access the registers that I am interested in?

It would be really great if someone has already worked on something similar and can clear my doubts.


I am able to debug the kernel when the kernel is standalone without any partitions and hypervisor.



A Vasu