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OpenSDA Updates

Discussion created by Anthony Huereca Employee on Feb 20, 2013
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There is now an OpenSDA folder on the Vybrid extranet site.


  This is in preparation for Rev G tower boards (in limited quantities in late March), which will have OpenSDA firmware programmed on the board. Please read the Readme pdf for more information on OpenSDA and how it works. If you’re familiar with OpenSDA on the Kinetis L boards, it works the same way.  The highlights:

  • OpenSDA firmware only available on RevG boards (except for a very few RevF boards that are not widely available)
  • Because the OpenSDA firmware must be programmed at the board manufacturer, older boards cannot be upgraded.
  • More and updated apps to come. The virtual serial port will be the default app, which will be different than the default stand-alone CMSIS-DAP firmware (which does not have a bootloader) put on older revisions of the board.

If you have any further questions, post a reply below.