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FRDM-KL25Z RTC problem

Question asked by Anand K on Feb 20, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2013 by Pradyumna Kammardi

We are using FRDM-KL25Z evaluation board. I am using CW 10.3 with PE. I added a RTC component using PE. What I did is just kept RTC keep time counting on. My intension is to get the current RTC time at some instant. So I call the function RTC_GetTime(RTC1_DeviceData, rtc) which is suppose to return second, minute, hour, date, day, month, year values and stores into a rtc object. However, when I am running this code in debug mode(using OpenSDA USB), and at point where it executes the function RTC_GetTime(RTC1_DeviceData, rtc), the code stops at an unknown interrupt,


PE_ISR(Cpu_Interrupt)//code stops


  /* This code can be changed using the CPU component property "Build Options / Unhandled int code" */




I did automatic initialize rtc device, and called  rtc_enable() function as well.

Can anyone provide a possible solution for this?


Thanks in advance.