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Using eMMC (KLMAG4EEHM) to replace NAND (K9F1208U0C) on i.MX28 design

Question asked by Vincent Chou on Feb 19, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2013 by Vincent Chou
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Hi! Friends,


Has anyone know whether we could use eMMC (KLMAG4EEHM) to replace NAND (K9F1208U0C) on an i.MX28 platform modified from i.MX28 Home Energy Geteway?  We would like to use eMMC to make it more stable and use the same NAND interface to save SD slots.  If this can be done, what do we need to change on our BSP to accommodate the difference between eMMC and NAND flash?  Any assistance is appreciated!