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Nichelite applications VS MQX and RTCS

Question asked by Diego Alonso on Feb 19, 2013
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I starting developing an UDP aplication with the MFC52259EVB. I started with Codewarrior 7.3 and with the Nichelite TCP/ip stack.

Currently am trying to use codewarrior 10.3 and the RTCS library, but when a I create a symple example with MQX 4.0 the follow message appear

"Size of the application has exceeded the capability of this license. Contact your authorized distributor or Freescale to purchase a full version of the tools".


My question is: Can I use MQX 4.0 with the RTCS library with evaluation version of codewarrior 10.3????? Can I migrate easily, my codewarrior 7.3 proyect to codewarior 10.3??



There is some advantage using MQX with RTCS vs Nichelite???