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Bootloader in MC9S08AW32

Discussion created by Chih Hung Lo on Jul 4, 2007
Latest reply on Jul 4, 2007 by Åke Jacksen
Dear all:
I had a problem in bootloader. Hope someone can help me.
I designed a bootloader in MC9S08AW32.
Everything was ok for my main app. and bootloader.
But when I did a  reset (illegal opcode reset) or call the _startup() routine from main app.
The MCU will be hanged.
I try to debug this issue, but I can't find the problem.
My bootloade was located in 0xF000-0xFFAF , and flash protected function enable , interrupt vector redirection enable.
I want to use the interrupt in my bootloader, so I made a interrupt vector re-mapping to ram.
So I can run the interrupt between main app. and bootloader.
I try to use the Freescale orignal bootloader, and no problem in doing a reset or calling a _startup().
Does anyone help me?
P.S. Sorry my poor english. Hope everybody can understand my english.