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imx28 dhcp compiling error

Question asked by michelleweng on Feb 18, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 7, 2014 by Jerome Baron
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These days I need to build dhcp function in file system, I did it just like this, and I can get dhcp-3.0.3b1 source code in ltib/rpm/BUILD.

package list->[*]dhcp

                    [*] Include DHCP server

                    [*] Include DHCP client support

But during the compiling, I meet some weird problems.

First, it said that

"Unknown system.   If this is an SCO system running ODT 3.0 or"

    echo "higher, type \`\`./configure sco''.   Otherwise, this is a"

    echo "configuration that isn't supported or hasn't been tested."

Then I modify the configure file in dhcp-3.0.3b1 by adding sysname="linux", and it can pass.But some other problems followed.

mv $RPM_BUILD_ROOT//opt/freescale/rootfs/arm/usr/man  $RPM_BUILD_ROOT//opt/freescale/rootfs/arm//usr/share

mv: cannot stat `/home/michelle/ltib/tmp/dhcp//opt/freescale/rootfs/armusr/man`: No such file or directory

chmod 755 $RPM_BUILD_ROOT//opt/freescale/rootfs/arm//sbin/dhclient-script

chmod: cannot access `/home/michelle/ltib/tmp/dhcp//opt/freescale/rootfs/arm//sbin/dhclient-script`:No such file or directory.


Did anyone meet these problems and please give me some hints? or else I have to build another new version of dhcp myself. Thank you very much.