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No signals on CS and CLK after DDR3 configuration

Question asked by Kalman Habdak on Feb 15, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 14, 2013 by LinWang
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I am working on a designed board where 128MB DDR3 memory and MX6Q processor are implemented. I tried to configure MMDC registers for u-boot2012.11 by the reference manual (MMDC initialization) , but after start no measurable signals are found in the chip select and the clock lines of DDR3 module. I am able to set/read registers, and I also can turn on/off a LED by GPIO registers.

My question is shouldn't I measure any signal on the listed lines? It can happen I configured it a wrong way, but in my opinion I should see some signals on those lines in case of errors also.

I also tried to use some other definitions which works well with development boards but I got the same result on my board.