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Questions on iomux for imx6dq on CD/WP signals

Question asked by Christophe Cholet on Feb 15, 2013
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I work with iomux IMX6DQ (v3.4.0.3) and a Sabre MCIMX6Q-SDQ board.


1- In usdhc3 block, there's no signals CD and WP. This block can be though used to drive a classic sd card, as done in Sabre board. So, CD and WP signals are expected in the usdhc3 block, no ?


2- Another trouble now: with usdhc2 block.

In usdhc2 block with IOmux, RD and WP signals are like that, when gpio solution is choosen:

     usdhc2     :     SD2_CD_B               GPIO04 (ALT 6)

                              SD2_WP                    GPIO02 (ALT 6)

Now, in the Sabre board schematics, these signals use pads:

     SD2_CD_B     :     NANDF_D2 (F16)

     SD2_WP          :     NANDF_D3 (D17)

And in config file board-mx6q_sabred.h, we find the following config:

     MX6Q_PAS_NANDF_D2__GPIO_2_2               /* SD2_CD */

     MX6Q_PAS_NANDF_D3__GPIO_2_3               /* SD2_WP */

This config is consistent with schematics, no doubt about that.

My trouble is that used gpio pads in the Sabre board are not those given in IOmux. As the Sabre is correctly working,  it seems there's a problem in IOmux. No ?

If i go wrong, please let me know.