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Linux booting problem 0x80501001 in customize i.MX233 board

Question asked by PRAMOD KUMAR on Feb 13, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2013 by mbergmann


PowerPrep start initialize power...

Battery Voltage = 1.88V

No battery or bad batterydetected!!!.Disabling batteryvoltage measurements./r/nLLCAug 22 201215:25:39

EMI_CTRL 0x1C084040

FRAC 0x92926192


power 0x00820710

Frac 0x92926192

start change cpu freq

hbus 0x00000003

cpu 0x00010001



on every power on above message dispalyed on RS232 debud port.

I am unable to find out hardware problem in my board. Any boby help me to boot the linux on my customize board.



Pramod Kumar