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Bricked boards  Second phase

Question asked by chop on Feb 14, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 30, 2013 by Carlos Mendoza

After having problems with my first two FRDM boards I sent Freescale a fault report and they very kindly sent two replacements , these arrived this afternoon , keen to check them out I connected them to the USB lead on my main computer , running XP, both boards came up as "FRDM-KL25Z." as per the Quick Start Guide , all well and good , and the demo program showed that the accelerometers were functioning as expected , put them away and had dinner, I decided to try loading one of the precompiled srec  examples  , That's when the problems started , on plugging the USB lead ( without attempting to go into bootloader) After a short delay  I was presented  with the error message  " Delayed write failed " after which the board came up as "Invalid" rather than "FRDM-KL24Z"  or "Bootloader"   Disconnecting and reconnecting it enumerated as "Bootloader" with no sign of the demo program and the green bootloader light flashing as per the original two that failed   


As a check I did a "LSUSB" on one of my Linux boxes and note that the still working FRDM ID enumerates as "1357:0707 P&E Microcomputer systems" , the dead ones show as "2504:0200" , So it appears that something is wiping out the original  OpenSDA programming ?


This is starting to really bug me , it appears that something in my main computer XP system is killing FRDM boards ( 3 of 4 so far , and the fourth I'm very reticent to plug in to my main computer again, though it seems to behave on my XP laptop) ,  I have several Micro programming systems installed in the main computer  ( Arduino, Energia, Coocox,Espruino, Code composer etc ,)  but none of these are running while I'm playing with the Freedom boards 


Anyone have any brilliant ideas before I tear what little remaining hair I have out ?