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Datasheets for Touch Controllers (HSD100PXN1 and EXC7200)

Question asked by Adeneo Engineering Team on Feb 13, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 16, 2013 by hippo

Hi Freescale Team,

     We have Hannstar 10.1" LVDS Touch Panels (HSD100PXN1) bought from Freescale. We are investigating an issue with the touch driver (i.MX6Q SabreSDP on WEC7) that does not work on LVDS Panel attached to Channel 2 on LDB. The issue is that the functions intended for EXC7200 Touch Controller are utilized when HSD100PXN1 LVDS Touch Panel is used.


     We need the following datasheets to help with our investigation.

  1. Datasheet for Touch Controller on HSD100PXN1
  2. Datasheet for EXC7200 Touch Controller


     The above datasheets are not availalbe publicly. Please let me know where I can download these datasheets from Freescale website.


Thanks in advance,