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Settings COSMIC compiler for 9S12G48? ELF-file

Question asked by Christian Gaertner on Feb 13, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2013 by Gordon S Doughman



I just have a problem with the linker or ELF-producer (clabs.exe) for getting a ELF-File that can be downloaded and debugged with the Hiware debugger using Multilink.


The problem does not occur when I am downloading a S19-file. The firmware runs correctly but debugging is not possible. With all tried settings I always get the error from the elf-loader "no memory at location..." when tring the ELF-file.


extract from linker:

+seg .text         -b0xC000 -o0xC000 -n.text -m0x3F00 -s flash   --> no memory at location 0x00C000

when using this setting:

+seg .text         -b0xF8000 -o0xC000 -n.text -m0x3F00 -s flash   --> no memory at location 0x0F8000


The S19 always looks correct and works.

Has anyone a hint what settings I have to change?