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Compatible NAND Flash for the I.MX25

Question asked by dalton on Feb 12, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 2, 2013 by Jorge Ramirez
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We built a custom i.mx25 board and have had mixed results picking a currently available NAND Flash that is compatible with the boot configuration options. We would like a 1 to 4 G-Byte part is the $5 - $10 range.


The 3-stack Dev Kit comes with a Samsung part, that isn't readily available any more.


We've been looking into Micron parts and have had success booting from the 128M-Byte MT29F1G08ABADAH4, but it’s not large enough.


The Micron 2G-Byte MT29F16G08CBACAWP would meet our requirements, but doesn't make the boot ROM happy. Although the Advance Tool Kit can read and write to it successfully. The boot configuration that we are using is as follows:

•             MFG/DEV ID: 2C 48

•             MEM_CTL:  01 = NAND Flash

•             MEM_TYPE: 10 = 5 address cycles

•             PAGE_SIZE: 10 = 4k page size

•             BUS_WIDTH: 00 = 8-bit bus width

•             MLC_SEL: 1 = MLC device

•             SPARE_SIZE: 1 = 218 spare bytes  (part has 224)


Note that the part has a spare size of 224 and 256 pages per block. I suspect that one of these is the issue. It could be that this part doesn't meet the requirements for the boot configuration allowed by the boot ROM.


Does anyone know what the issue might be or have a list of readily available parts that meet our requirements?