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Freescale USB Stack with Freedom board 'Device not recognised'

Question asked by gmscribe on Feb 11, 2013

Hi guys,


I've recently picked-up a copy of Freescale's USB Stack 4.0.3 and am attempting to generate a project with Processor Expert for the Freedom KL25Z.


I'm actually generating a Keil project so my Compiler is set to Keil C/C++ and I'm generating a project with the Keil Eclipse plugin as in this video:

Processor Expert: Integrating with Keil Microvision - YouTube


I'm also modifying 'asm' command errors that crop up in the USB stack to '__asm' to correct for armcc syntax.


My project consists of the default CPU component and a HID component, attempting to be a generic HID device. I've tweaked settings for this component every which way, I've double-checked CPU clock and USB hardware components, however, whenever I connect the Freedom, Windows says 'device not recognised' and via USBView further elaborates to say 'Device Failed Enumeration'.


When debugging, connecting the device successfully triggers the USB_APP_BUS_RESET event via the associated callback, however I'm not seeing any activity beyond this.


As I'm new to USB and indeed Freescale products, I suspect this is a newbie error. I've attached a sample project below and would greatly appreciate any insight some kind soul may have to offer.


Many thanks

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