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CodeWarrior Coldfire SE license won't allow debug from SRAM on 5211

Discussion created by Neil Palmer on Jul 3, 2007
Latest reply on Jul 5, 2007 by Neil Palmer
Hi All.

I'm having a wierd problem with Codewarrior for CF SE. I created an application for the M5211DEMO board using MicroAPL's CFInit application.  can get the application to run fine using the 'boot from ROM/flash' target, but if I try loading the application into ram using 'console debug (SRAM)' or 'UART debug (SRAM)' I get the following license error: "The debugger download size has been exceeded. This is specified in the license file." Looking at the actual Console Debug(SRAM).elf.s19 file it is only 11k in size?? Is there a limitation on ram target size in the SE version??