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RS485 half-duplex SET GPIO to hardware flow control

Question asked by Edgardo Cerone on Feb 8, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2013 by DALE RODDA

Hi all,
I'm currently using, MQX 4.0, PXS2010 and RS-485 transceiver (SP485EE). (my board, not the tower)

I'm using the example rs485.c with hardware flow control:

rs485_dev = fopen (RS485_CHANNEL, (const char *) IO_SERIAL_HW_485_FLOW_CONTROL);

twr-pxs2010 connects GPIO[51] -> DE, GPIO [12] -> RE.

my board     connects GPIO[98] -> DE, GPIO [99] -> RE.

My question is how to change these pins in the MQX, to work with DE / RE automatically?

Thanks in advance,