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MCD54418 - CDC (Virtual COM) example

Question asked by Nicolas UHL on Feb 8, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2013 by David E Seymour



I'm developping a new project on a Coldfire 54418 with MQX 3.6

I would like to implement a virtual COM port on my target.


Do you know where I can find an example of a virtual COM (CDC) on the MQX OS (for MCF5441x)

I would like to understand how to initialize the usb driver, how to set the baudrate (and parity, ...).

And then how to receive and send characters.

Is it possible to work with file handle to read and write to the USB port ? (The same way we do with an UART with fopen("ittya:", ...)


Sorry if my question has already been answered (I'm new in MQX and I have searched in the forum. But I didn't get a clear picture where the CDC examples can be found).


Thanks in advance.


Best regards