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i.MX233 as USB device - HighSpeed Handshake Problem

Question asked by mbergmann on Feb 8, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2013 by mbergmann
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I'm trying to connect our own i.MX233 board as a USB Mass Storage device.

The software is all done ourselfe. No BSP.

Currently I‘m struggling with the HighSpeed Handshake:

The Handshake is looking like this:


   4   ,0:00.000.000,             ,<Host connected>,

FS,5   ,0:04.443.538,             ,<Full-speed>,

FS,6   ,0:04.623.206, 1.504.166 ms,<Reset> / <Chirp J> / <Tiny J>,

FS,7   ,0:04.624.710, 2.000.400 ms,<Chirp K>,

FS,8   ,0:04.626.711,    53.816 us,<Reset> / <Chirp J> / <Tiny J>,

FS,9   ,0:04.626.765,62.309.516 ms,[680 Chirp K-J pairs] [1 Chirp K],

FS,1372,0:04.689.074,   214.083 us,<Reset> / <Chirp J> / <Tiny J>,

HS,1373,0:04.689.288,             ,<High-speed> (Unexpected)

HS,1374,0:04.689.288,   744.733 us,CORRUPTED packet,01 D8 C6 FA DA

FS,1375,0:04.690.033,             ,<Full-speed>,


The USB is allways switching back to Full-speed.


If I start the board in recovery mode I got a propper handshake and a working HID device (and loading software with sb_loader  works fine), so I assume its my software and not the hardware.


Anybody seen this before? Is there a example how to set up the USB as device?