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USB Multilink: missing mini-10 ribbon

Question asked by Alberto Garlassi on Feb 8, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2013 by Alberto Garlassi

After  testing with some Freedom Boards, I designed a board with a Kinetis L processor, and I am waiting for the first samples.

In the meantime I ordered a Multilink Universal programmer, having discovered from this forum that it is complicated or impossible to use the Freedom Board's programmer for anything else than its CPU.

Today I received the programmer and the mini-10 cable is not there.  The mini-20 (Kinetis K) is there, and also four different 0,1" cables.

The packing list does not help: it only shows a "set of ribbon cables" entry.


- Is the mini-10 cable missing from my package only?


- Is the mini-10 the standard interface for Kinetis L?


- What am I supposed to do?


Yes, I know that a company which needs SEVEN different interfeces for its CPUs can screw this and other things.