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RC Oscillator - AP16

Discussion created by Roland Butscher on Jul 3, 2007
Latest reply on Jul 4, 2007 by bigmac
I´m trying to programm an AP16 Controller with an RC Oscillator.
I use following values for the components:
Rext: 10k
Cext: 10pF
=> approximately 6MHz
On Pin "OSC2" I can measure a frequency from appr. 1,8MHz - is this the bus frequency?
In the main routine I toggle one Pin and I can measure a puls duration from 8,2µs.
I think with a OSC frequency from about 6MHz the bus frequency should be 1,5MHz (0,7µs) is this wrong?
I won´t use the PLL because the start up time is very long (270ms).
Have I a wrong initialization?
CONFIG1 = 0x01;
CONFIG2 = 0x08;
Thank you for your help!