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Which flash regions can I access with flashx?

Question asked by martinpi on Feb 7, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 18, 2013 by martinpi

Hello, everyone!


On the K60F120 Tower, I loaded and ran the flashx example. It is working fine.

However, the example uses only the last 32 Bytes of flash.

It moves to the location with an fseek command.

When I run the example in RAM under control of the IDE, I think that I can reprogram the whole flash area without harm. Is this right?

By single-stepping, I saw that the write access is broken down to sectors by the driver, so it seems that I do not have to care about that.


To do something more useful, I modified the example and tried to write a recognizable pattern and see if I can read it back.

I know that you have to erase the flash before programming ist, but as the example does not do that I assume that the flashx driver takes care of it.

I left all instructions for cache and unprotecting in place.

It seems that I can access only the last 2K of flash which is definitely not enough.

Furthermore, I was able to write my pattern once, but when I changed the pattern and re-wrote the flash, I still get the old pattern so it seems to have been written only once.


What rules apply for accessing the flash with flashx?


Regards, Martin