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i.Mx285 | Linux from L2.6.35_10.01_SDK | Manufacturing Tool (Mfgtools-Rel-

Question asked by andreass. on Feb 7, 2013

Hi everybody,


I have big problems to get our device running.

Acually we develop a TFT-Module for displaying elevator-applications.


We use the i.MX285-Processor from freescale. As OS we decided to use linux.

For evaluation we use the imx28evk with the linuxkernel from the L2.6.35_10.01_SDK - (here all works)


now our real Hardware arrived and the Problems begins.

After checking power and other hardware aspects we want to program the imx285 with the MfgTool from Freescale with the kernel of EVK.

The tool detect our Hardware as HID-Device , I think thats a good sign. But after I press the start button, the tool display an Error (err=2, File not found, but the file is there, I tried it with absolute paths too)

It seems that the tool have problems with reading the File.



Is there a diffenence in Kernelbuilding between the imx285 of our Hardware and the imx287 of the EVK?

and what I have to change to get a Basic Kernel running?


I hope anyone can help me. Many thanks

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