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Pmic on Sabre mcimx6q-sdb

Question asked by Christophe Cholet on Feb 7, 2013
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Looking at the architecture on the Sabre mcimx6q-SDB board, i wonder if pmic pf0100 is in a default case or has been set up by Freescale.

Since Vddotp pin is set up to gnd, the hard-coded configuration is not used and voltages in the board reveals pre-programmed otp configuration F0 would be used (Table9 in PF0100 manual).

It would seem these pre-programmed otp configuration are set up at the factory, is it really the case ?

On the Sabre board, i wonder if the pmic has to be configurated by I2c or fuse-burned, to be able to corretly work ?