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MC13224V - Beestack - Battery operated end-devices don't hibernate if ZigBee network is down (electrical power outage)

Question asked by GLAUCIO GUIA on Feb 6, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2013 by Alan Led Collins Rivera



in home automation application I have a coordinator, a few routers and 1 or 2 end-devices. The coordinator and the routers have their own power supply connected to the house 110Vac. The end-devices are battery operated and need to hibernate periodically to save battery.


In case of electrical power outage (110Vac) the coordinator and all routers go down. The end-devices keep running since they have its own battery. When the outage happens, the end-devices lose their parent and start to look for a new parent. Since there is no active coordinator or router in the ZigBee network the end-devices keep continually looking for a parent and never hibernate, discharging the battery completely in a few hours.


What should I do to force the end-devices to hibernate in such situation? In my application, I'd like to hibernate for 1 minute, wake-up and look for a parent. If there's still no active parent hibernate for 1 minute again. And keep doing it every minute until the electrical power (110Vac) return.


I tried to change the value of the following constants (in ApplicationConf.h) with no success. I can control the number of network rejoin retries but I can't hibernate the MC13224V between attempts.