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i.MX6: VIV's EGL lib on framebuffer has no SYNC with V-sync

Question asked by Kang Wen Chen on Feb 3, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 23, 2015 by vikash patil
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     we've built i.MX5 series with GLES2/GLSL fancy AP on our product, at first in BSP 10_11 we encounter the "tear effecting" as now on i.MX6, but fortunately the issue be solved in BSP 11_05.


     at to i.MX6, in BSP 12_05 this issue is still liviing, is there somebody nagging the 3D "tear effecting" & know how to solve it?


     we've try something setting on EGL but no effect, now we only hope the revised VIV OpenglES2/EGL lib to fix the issue?