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SPI master FREEDOM board with Processor Expert

Question asked by teddy chin on Feb 3, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2013 by teddy chin

good morning,


i have a problem with SPI master 0 on FREEDOM board


i used processor expert in order to generate an SPI MASTER (very simple, without SS, without MISO) in order to drive an OLED SSD1351 based.


Processor expert has been set tup as attached.


Regarding the code, i'm calling  :



LDD_TDeviceData *SPIOLEDPtr;



and when i want to send an SPI DATA (only 8 bits) :






uint8_t spi_data[1]={0};

spi_data[0]=data;                   //data is for example the OLED COMMAND


When i'm looking with an OSCILLOSCOPE, SSCLK from SPI0 (mapped on PTC5 on the FREEDOM board) aren't toggling at all...


Do you have an idea please ? any experience on SPI master, please ?


PS : i tried to remap on SPI1 (PTD7=MOSI & PTD5=SCLK) and same behavior.


thank you


Best regards