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Newbie wants to stream video using x264 codec

Question asked by ramon c on Feb 2, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2013 by jimmychan
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Hi All,

I want to build an hd video cam using linux and an appropriate arm sbc.  My plan is to purchase a IMX53QSB with linux, attach a usb hd camera and stream.  I am wondering is this going to take weeks and weeks while I learn which flags I need to set before recompiling the kernel, messing with codecs, finding compatible usb drivers, etc... or will this project be relatively painless?

I have been browsing the forum here and was pleased to see some Freescale employees responding.  Is the support from this community good?  Is the IMX53QSB board the right one to start with?  One of the reasons I chose it was that Freescale provides all the hardware design docs.

I am new to linux and arm but have lots of embedded C and hardware design experience.  I have kubuntu on my laptop and have used it to stream using the x.264 codec.

Thanks in advance for any helpful suggestions.