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FreeCntr component can't Enable/Disable Events?

Question asked by Jerry Girard on Feb 1, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2013 by Jerry Girard

I am working with CodeWarrior 5.1 for S12(X).  My target is 9S12XA256.


I am adding the FreeCntr component and setting it up to be an output compare that interrupts at a specified rate.


There is no way to disable the interrupt event.  The Enable/Disable Event methods are grayed out in Processor Expert and nothing I do will enable them.  I tried connecting it to different timer sources, shared timers, individual PIT timers, etc.  Nothing works.  The Enable/Disable events are always grayed out.


How do I stop this FreeCntr componet from interrupting when I do not need it anymore?  Aside from going directly to the registers myself with my own code, I think there is something seriously wrong with this component and the way it was implemented.