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"Runtime setting type:" limited on ECT timer panels.

Question asked by Jerry Girard on Jan 31, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 11, 2013 by Jerry Girard

I am working with Processor Expert in CodeWarrior 5.1 for S12(X) processors.  My target is 9S12XA256.


The "Runtime setting type:" option in the ECT timer dialogs seems to be limited to "fixed value" only.  This option normally allows you to select the options: fixed value, from a list of values or from a time interval.


I have Processor Expert in "Expert" mode.  I have tried many different timer combinations, single, multiple, shared, etc. and I never get the full options for the ECT as the source when I use Capture or FreeCntr.  If I use TimerInt bean, then I get the full range of options.


I don't see why I couldn't alter the capture range during runtime if I wanted to, or change the rate of a FreeCntr compare timer.  Basically, I want to dynamically modify the prescaler settings for Capture operations to extend or compress my time window to optimize resolution.  Based on the frequency of the incoming pulse, I want to scale the Capture according to get the best resolution.


Is there some reason this setting would be limited for the Capture and FreeCntr beans for my application?