Including BIN file on K60 project

Discussion created by Yvan BOURNE on Jan 30, 2013
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I'm trying to add a binary file to my K60 project. It's a bootloader BIN.


CW10.2 send me this link error : "Linker command file error at line 32 File not found: bootloader.bin"


In the LCF file, I add a MEMORY line :




my_boot     (RX)  : ORIGIN = 0x00000000, LENGTH = 0x0000FFFF




And a new section :








   INCLUDE bootloader.bin

  } > my_boot




I add the path in the -L argument of the linker executable :

-L "C:\"

The bootloader.bin file is added to the project, at different place but always the same message appaears :-(

It seems very easy in the doc : "Listing 13.15 Embedding Data Directly into Output" :

    _musicStart = .;

    INCLUDE music.mid

    _musicEnd = .;

}  > DATA


When I try the other doc exemple, without the INCLUDE file, "Listing 13.15 Embedding Data Directly into Output" :

  WRITEB 0x48;  /*  'H'  */

  WRITEB 0x69;  /*  'i'  */

  WRITEB 0x21;  /*  '!'  */

These hex values are placed in my S19 file, at the good address, without any linker error


Is it a path problem ? A linker problem ? A doc problem ? Anything else ???