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I2C Initialization for MCF 5485

Question asked by pinakin on Jan 30, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 30, 2013 by TomE

I am working on I2C Driver for MCF 5485. The reference manual for this coldfire version provided an initialization sequence when the driver comes up. This sequence can also be used to reset the I2C driver. The sequence is as follows:


/* section 28.5 Initialization Sequence */

I2ICR = 0x00

I2CR = 0x0

I2CR = 0xA

dummy read of I2DR

I2SR = 0x0

I2CR = 0x0

I2ICR = 0x01


The 3rd line sets I2CR to a value of 0x0A. This seems incorrect to me as the last 2 Least significant bits are reserved and should always be cleared. I refered to reference manual of an older MCF controller (5282) and it sets this register to a value of 0xA0. I suppose this is an error in the reference manual of MCF5485. Could yoou please confirm this?