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Unable to view SD-CARD's file system partition on my WCE7 device

Question asked by Deepak Kukreja on Jan 30, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2013 by Deepak Kukreja
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I am using the iMX51 EVK and the Windows CE 7 BSP.


I have created and OS Image and my device is booting fine with the WEC 7 image.


I want to store user files and data in the file system partition of the SD-CARD.


I am facing problem in being able to use my SD-CARD from my device as a storage device.


I have followed the steps mentioned in the WEC700 User's Guide, to create a file system partition but somehow it is not working.

1.   Boot the device in BOOT-STRAP mode.

2.   Programmed the EBOOT.nb0 at address 0x0000 0400 into the SD CARD using ATK TOOL KIT.

3.   Reset the boot switched to Boot from SD-CARD

4.   Reset the device

5.   Download the NK.BIN from platform builder to the Device's SD Card

6.   Reset the device

7.   From the EBOOT menu's -> SD/MMC card utilities -> Create File System Partition on SD/MMC Card

8.   Connect the card to a Windows 7 machine's SD Card slot and format it with FAT 32 partition

9.   Connect the SD Card back to the imx51 EVK and power on the board.

10. Board boots fine with the WEC7 image

11  But the SD Card is not appearing in the "My Device"


Can anyone help with this?


Thanks in advance