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CodeWarrior MCU V10.3 - PE Support for MK40DX256VMC7 121MAPBGA

Question asked by ride on Jan 30, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 30, 2013 by Derek Snell
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I have chosen the MK40DX256VMC7 121MAPBGA for my design.  I am attempting to setup my codewarrior project using Processor Expert and I am unsure what processor option is best to use since the 121MAPBGA package is not an option under the MK40(72MHz) or MK40(100MHz) processor options.  I think it probably is ok to use the 100 pin LQFP processor component in PE since the I/O is nearly the same except the 121MAPBGA includes 4 additional PTC I/O pins and the RTC_WAKEUP_B input.  I am starting my software project well before I have the actual hardware and using the TOWER board to debug.  So I don't have a MK40DX256VMC7 to actually load and debug my program on yet.  Just concerned if I don't select a compatible PE processor component that problems will arise when attempting to load and debug actual MK40DX256VMC7.


What would be the right PE processor component to use when targeting the MK40DX256VMC7 in a 121MAPBGA package?


Is the MK40DX256VMC7 a good package choice or is Freescale phasing this out since CodeWarrior doesn't explicity support the 121MAPBGA package in the K40 family?


Thanks for the help.