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i.MX27 Rev 2.2 doesn't boot

Question asked by Yanjun Luo on Jan 30, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 12, 2017 by jialun hua


My i.MX27 design used for 5 years already, several months ago all the new boards from factory can't bootup at all, after check the last MCIMX27CE.pdf, I changed the redboot of MPLL related code. This make about two-third of the boards boot up, but still one-third of boards even can't bootup to bootstrap, I mean, I can't connect the board with ADS tool from serial port. Even the good one sometime maybe stop at PLL configure code. If we remove the new i.MX27, replace it with Rev 2.1, everything works fine. The distributor told me there are only rev 2.2 now, but their FAE can't fix this problem too.


Does anyone using the i.MX27 now?


BTW, my design is based on MX27ADS, the PMIC is MC13783 and the bootloader is redboot.


Freescale, if rev 2.2 has problem, why stop shipping rev 2.1 and change to rev 2.2?