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Re: KinetisL Sample Code running on Codewarrior

Discussion created by Gurinder Singh Gill on Jan 25, 2013
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There is a SRC folder inside SC package by freescale ,

I am using Code Warrior 10.3 under win, and when i am cerating a bearboard project and importing all the driver files , i am getting an error , can anyone help with this ,

error is something like :


mingw32-make: *** [board/adc16/adc16_c.obj] Error 1


and not for ADC but for each driver .


further i was going through various IDE's Supported by FRDM board, and

few IDE's have successfully ported this SRC folder into their version of FRDM Demo Code,


and there has been no resonance on any peripheral driver lib available for FRDM Board , i am very helpless using this board , and i do not want to use PE.


please help !