Patrik Cizmar

TWR-k70f120m with TWR-wifi-AR4100

Discussion created by Patrik Cizmar on Jan 29, 2013



I`m having troubles running the AR4100 wifi demo with my tower

board kinetis k70. I have found demo only to use with k60 tower

module. When I try to compile this demo, a problem occur:


"D:\Program Files\Freescale\CW MCU v10.1\gnu\bin\make: ***

No rule to make target `C:/Program Files/MQX3.7 AR4100 Driver

Install/lib/twrk60n512.cw10/usb/host/usb_classes.c', needed by

`USB Host Libraries/usb_classes.d'.  Stop."


Is there any documentation for tower wifi module AR4100 with

Tower system module kinetis K70 ? I would like to see some guide line through. The TWR-Wifi Lab didn`t help much.


I`m using Codewarrior 10.1 and MQX 3.8


Thank you very much for your further help.


Best regards