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MCU fails to program suddenly.... Did I get a dud?

Question asked by Daniel Bronson on Jan 29, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2013 by Monica Arvizu

I recently purchased an evaluation product of the MC56F8257 DSC.  The tower board (TWR-56F8257) arrived and I was able to successfully program it one single time. 

I ran a simple example code (eFLEX lab) on the board.  After that initial programming, it now fails to program.

I am running Codewarrior Eclipse v10.3.  When I try to run the code on the board, no errors occur in the project build.  The programming progress bar climbs to 99% and everything freezes.  The 3rd party flash programming begins and initializes the target.  At which point it says, "Loading programming algorithm..."

But nothing happens.  I have left it for 8 hours with no progress. 

I am concerned that I received a defective product.

This is a time-critical project, so anything that can be done quickly will be extremely appreciated.