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i.MX6 Power: ARM LDO bypass?

Question asked by Rob_iMX6 on Jan 27, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2013 by Jorge Ramirez
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Hi everyone,


the i.MX6 comes with on chip LDO-voltage regulators for the ARM core, the SOC and many other sections. In our application (industrial control), the CPU and SOC will always run at 800 or 1000MHz, no DVFS, no sleep, 24hours/7days.


In order to save power and simplify layout, I consider to bypass the LDO of the ARM and connect the VDD_ARM_CAP with the input VDD_ARM_IN. Same with the SOC. Are there any reasons, why I should not do this? In the PMU unit, one can set the LDO to bypass (TARG=0x1F), see the RM at page 4481. External bypass is mentioned on the same page.


Kind regards!