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Processor Expert causes interrupt vector overlap?

Question asked by Daniel Bronson on Jan 26, 2013
Latest reply on May 28, 2018 by Luca Matteini

I'm pretty new to freescale, so I was using the processor expert on the TWR-56F8257's MC56F8257 processor.  I got everything set up on the processor expert in the manner which i want, and had no errors. 


However, I did have two warnings.  They warn of an "Overlap of the .interrupt_vectors section and .interrupt_vectorsboot section."  This is all generated code from Processor Expert.  I am wondering if this is a huge cause for concern (as it is only a warning, and I'm not seeing any crazy consequences of it), and if anyone sees a way that I can just fix it? 


Again, sorry to ask such basic questions, but I am new to this world.  I'm using Eclipse's Codewarrior for MCU's v.10.3.


Attached is an image of the error and the Vectors.c code that Processor Expert generated.
Help me out?

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