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Freedom's Precompiled Examples No Longer Work

Discussion created by Drew Jensen on Jan 26, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2013 by Jim Donelson

Hey Everyone,

First time diving into ARM coming from the Arduino platform. First I have to say the setup is some what hectic, nothing near what needs to be done for Arduino. Anyways, on to my problem. I installed everything, not necessarily in order and I got things working and was able to swap out examples. I had to unplug the usb cable everytime (more on that later). Then I got to the Keil MDK and it wasn't able to find the uLink I believe. So I figured I screwed something up during the IDE install. Somewhere in that time I wasn't able to upload examples anymore. So I thought, what the heck, I've need to do a fresh install of my W7 bootcamp. So here I am today after fresh install of W7 and I followed the freedom boards instructions to the T. During the "Quick Setup" I was never able to change the example on the board, it's still stuck on the last one I put on it a few days ago. I do remember that when I dragged an example it would give confirmation that it was coded or something like that. I do not get that at all. Please help me out guys and I'm getting frustrated and already wanting to go to NXP since I can develop natively on OSX. Only reason I'm using Freescale is because their M0+ are cheap for mass production and NXP has yet to put pricing out on theirs since they're still in "development".