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need help using irda on k60n512

Question asked by wolfbang on Jan 26, 2013
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i am a student and for a mini project i was given the assignment of communicating between a computer, using usb to irda converter on my laptop, to the tower k60 using irda. As the k60 is new to me and i ve never used irda before i was hoping if i outlined how i configured the board someone would be kind enough to outline any configuration or concept errors i may be making as i cant seem to get the controller to work.


1. I am sending out a character from a serial monitoring program through the usb which is converting the signal to irda through the converter.

     The idea for the moment is to recieve the character, through the irda, to UART0, and just echo it to the P&E terminal. But having no joy

2. I have the comparator set in continuous conversion mode.CMP0 enabled and CMP0 = COUTA. Using the DAC as the ref voltage, 1v,and selecting IN0       as PMUX input and IN7 as MMUX input.

3. I have CMP0 as uart input and PORTC_PC6 as alternative 1 for CMP0


Using baud rate of 115.2k. If i have made any errors in my configurations i would really appreciate the help.Thanks very much