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can't change EIM_LBA signal/pad using IOMUX tool

Question asked by jf simon on Jan 25, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 29, 2013 by jimmychan
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We have a new design based on i.MX6 solo.

I wanted to validate the pin settings using the windows IOMUX tool (using version 3.2.1).

We have pin EIM_LBA that is set to be BOOT_CFG[26]


So I go to the WEIM section in the "signal selection pane" (leftmost pane). Next I select WEIM_LBA. I can see that by default, it is set to ALT0-EIM_LBA(K22). But I CAN'T change it to  src_BT_CFG[26] ALT7 (when i hover my mouse on WEIM_LBA I can see the choices ...but I can't change it).

Any ideas?

Best regards

-jf simon